The Popularity of Custom Coins

Custom coins are popular these days because of their versatility. These coins are not only used to show appreciation and pride, you can also use them as promotional items or as an award to motivate people. If you want to learn more about these custom challenge coins, continue reading this article.

The most common type of customized coins that most people or companies are ordering for their special events are the custom challenge coins. These types of coins usually bear the logo of the company, along with the company’s slogan and the special mission statement. These coins are not used for decorative purposes, they have special meanings and purposes.

Military Custom Challenge Coins

The use of challenge coins started in the military. The military is composed of different squadrons and each squadron has its own unique challenge coin. These coins are designed based on their chosen background, mission statements, graphics, colors, shapes, pictures, and others. Custom challenge coins are symbols of bravery and courage.

Companies or Organization Customized Coins

Custom CoinsCustom coins used by companies or organizations are designed to show appreciation. They are given to outstanding employees or to members of the group who have completed their job successfully. These coins boost the members’ morale, to help them complete their specific tasks.

Custom challenge coins are also used by companies during special occasions. Big companies use customized coins to promote both their upcoming and their present products. This is one of the important uses of coins these days. Giving away these cheap but expressive coins is the best way to advertise your company. If you will use these coins to promote your products, you can customize them by choosing from millions of different designs. The customization options for these coins may include variations in design, text, color, coin material, shape, graphics, logo, and others.

Coins Used for Education Institutions, NGO and Churches

Churches, colleges, NGOs, schools, and others, use these coins to inform the public about their noble campaigns. For instance, there are lots of organizations these days that run a campaign against AIDS. They use these coins to display the purpose of having the campaign and the benefits it could provide to the public. Every organization has its own custom coins with design, graphics, color, and text, specific only to that particular group.

Custom Coins For Special Occasions

Some families order these coins to make their personal events more memorable. These events may include Thanksgiving Day, Parent’s Day, Christmas Day, 911 Day, Valentines Day, and several other events that are celebrated worldwide.

Collecting Challenge Coins as a Hobby

Coin collectors purchase ready-made custom coins from different coin-manufacturing companies. The number of coin collectors is increasing. The hobby of collecting challenge coins, in the past centuries, was only possible for the rich and famous. These coins are considered as a status symbol. During that time, collecting challenge coins was called the hobby of kings, because only the very rich could afford its price. These days, even individuals who belong in the middle class can collect these coins. Most people view these coins as an interesting piece of art. Others are still learning the history of challenge coins, and finding out each piece’s unique past. Whatever the reason, this hobby is definitely a popular pastime that continue to attract people from both civilian and military circles.

Other Uses of Customized Coins

These customized coins are also used in weddings. Custom wedding coins are also known as “arras” or matrimonial coins. Custom wedding coins can add a splash of color and drama to your wedding.

To make these coins even more precious and special, they are minted with silver or gold. Minted coins are more costly as compared to ordinary challenge coins.

HCG Therapy for Men

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is a hormone that is naturally produced during pregnancy in women. However, HCG is also produced by women in their non-pregnant state but at very low levels. Men also produce HCG at the same low levels produced by non-pregnant women.

The HCG hormone is popularly used in its synthetic form as prescription hormones for men with low levels of luteinizing hormones. The role of luteinizing hormone in men is to stimulate the testes to produce testosterone, the male hormone responsible for the development of male sex organs and masculine body build. If a man has low luteinizing hormone levels, he will eventually produce low levels of testosterone.

HCG drops

The HCG therapy is one of the best-known medical approaches for correcting the low production of testosterone as a result of pituitary problems in producing luteinizing hormones in men. The role of HCG therapy is to stimulate the production of testosterone by letting the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone take over the role of the luteinizing hormone. HCG can stimulate the testes to produce testosterone in the same manner the luteinizing hormone would.

Aside from its use in testosterone stimulation, HCG therapy is also prescribed as an adjunctive support to body building. Men need testosterone to build lean muscular bodies. If their testosterone level is too low, they might find it hard to develop lean muscles. HCG therapy replaces the need to use anabolic steroids, thus preventing the complications brought by long-term steroid use.

Besides those two clinical applications, there are some off-label applications for HCG. Off-label means it is not clinically approved or has little study behind such application. Here are some of those off-label applications for HCG:

• Prevention of testicular atrophy due to steroid use and aggressive testosterone therapy -

HCG use for the prevention of testicular therapy due to testosterone therapy is off-label because, generally, testosterone therapy does not cause testicular atrophy. What happens during testosterone therapy is the cutting or shutting off of the feedback cycle between the pituitary gland and the testes. Because testosterone is directly supplied in the blood plasma, the pituitary gland is no longer actively stimulated to produce the luteinizing hormone which stimulates the testes to naturally produce testosterone. As a result, the testes become inactive in producing testosterone which could manifest in the shrinking of the sex glands.

• To rule out secondary hypogonadism -

Primary hypogonadism is the state when the testicles themselves are malfunctioning to produce testosterone, while secondary hypogonadism is the state when the testicles are functional but the pituitary gland is not producing enough luteinizing hormone to stimulate the testes. Using HCG to rule out secondary hypogonadism involves testing whether the testes will produce more testosterone when HCG is given to a patient. If the patient does produce more testosterone in response to the HCG treatment, it means that there is no primary hypogonadism. Rather, the low testosterone level could be caused by secondary hypogonadism.

• To boost fertility in men -

Many fertility doctors prescribe the use of HCG to boost fertility. This is based on the premise that HCG can stimulate the testes to produce more testosterone, which is also the hormone responsible in the production of sperm cells and for the proper functioning of the male sex organs.

• To treat or correct secondary hypogonadism -

Some doctors firmly believe that HCG treatment is the solution for men who are experiencing secondary hypogonadism, that is, the low production and release of luteinizing hormone from the pituitary gland. The treatment may not work on men with primary hypogonadism, but it can be safely and effectively benefit those with secondary hypogonadism by replacing the functions of the pituitary’s luteinizing hormones.

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